Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SEO for Writing Research Content

As researchers, we usually use the Google Scholar for searching papers. We are happy to see our papers in the Google Scholar and finally cited by other researchers. Publishing papers means letting many people know about our research. We write many scientific term or jargon in our paper that make our papers are not quite consumable for general readers. Therefore, we need to simplify things. We need to think about how to explain our research in a simple way.

For general readers, we make webpages. Just like writing papers, writing a webpage has its own rules. Without knowing these rules, our webpages will be just there and probably no one will read them.  In order to avoid this situation, we need to think how our webpage can be searched over the Internet. We know that readers will never search articles using difficult words. Instead, they usually use common or regular words. There is a best practice for making our article visible for general users called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps us to make our articles can be found in the search engine easily. We can also think SEO as a good practice for writing articles that is easy to understand as well.

In SEO, we have to avoid using scientific words and replace them with regular words. Words that usually people search. We also need to think how readers type their query in the search engine.

The SEO writing guidelines ensure that we should use the followings items:
  • writing a title that is easy to understand
  • choosing keywords that can represent the research (the research should be common words as well)
  • using the keywords as the URL of the page
  • writing the phrase that readers may query when searching 

Now let's consider our research topics explained in the shape tracking page.
Our paper title is Region based tracking using sequences relevance measures.
This title is very specific and narrow. Only people who do research on Augmented Reality and Computer Vision who use these words. The research is basically about how to track a shape using the edge of handwriting line for augmented reality.

Some keywords to represents this research are
shape, tracking, contour, line, augmented reality, detection, camera, hand drawn, edge

Some phrase that may be related to this research 
how to track handwriting
how to track strokes
how to track shapes
augmented reality applications using handwriting
new augmented reality algorithm 
handwriting augmented reality application
augmented reality using edge detection

Once all words and phrases are listed, the next step is writing the URL, the  title and the description that use those words and phrases in the webpage. In addition, the other aspect is the how to use image. An image that explains the simple flow containing input and output image should be included. Moreover, all information about the image should be written as well for making them crawable. Adding the above terms and phrase on the image caption, alt and title is also a part of SEO.

A complete guideline that explains the necessity of clarity is provided by the Google webmaster on the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4qKcKM7TsE


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