Saturday, January 25, 2014

If Disney animators wear a Google Glass

Augmented Reality for Animator - Frozen Scene

I like Disney, like everybody else. I like drawing as well. Since I was a kid, I wish all my drawings became alive (what a fairy tale).

Now we have technology and Augmented Reality (AR) is there. Using AR, I detect and track my own drawing and overlay keyframes of animation. My program then can automatically adjust the movement of the camera in the HMD (Head mounted display) or Google Glass or smartphone. This idea is perhaps useful for animators or for kids who want to learn how to draw on a piece of paper.
The core technology is shape tracking technique. I am using the same technique described in this paper. I use the same technique for making the Augmented Reality Maps. The general idea is extracting the outline of the image and collect the features of the outline and search it in every frame.

Template image for Augmented Reality for AnimatorOutline image as the feature of Augmented Reality for Animator
The image as the template and the outline for tracking

This is the video to the prototype of the idea. 

(HD overlay)

The character used in the making is Elsa from Disney Frozen. The keyframes are redrawn from the scene "Let it go"

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