Sunday, January 19, 2014

Augmented Reality Maps using Printed Google Maps

Augmented Reality Maps using Google Maps Road Network
Augmented Reality Maps for Yokohama Road Network
We experimented map tracking using road network based on region tracking. As a result, we can make Augmented Reality Maps application using Google Maps.

Augmented Reality Maps using Google Maps Tokyo Road Network
Augmented Reality Maps for Tokyo Road Network
For experiments, we only use the black colored highway road as the tracking features. The user in the future can choose any road for tracking. We are preparing an editor for making the map. The preview of the user interface is illustrated in the following image. 

Augmented Reality Maps Editor User Interface
The user interface for making the printed map
We are also preparing the executable so that everybody can try the AR application. Soon we will share the code too. The android version is under preparation as well. We are also exploring the NaCL and PNacl implementation so that everybody can try using Chrome browser.

The following videos are the result of the tracking. You can see the annotation is displayed following the movement of the map. This experiments are purely tracking, where the detection accuracy is not the main priority. The recent results are better than the previous experiment since we use the Ceres-Solver for optimizing the camera pose. The technical data about this experiments will be written in next publication/paper. The speed of the current implementation is about 20fps running on 64bit windows 8 OS. We definitely need to improve the performance of the algorithm.

Yokohama Map
Tokyo Map

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