Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Augmented Reality Maps with Annotations using Google Maps Places Library

Augmented Reality Maps using Google Maps for Tokyo
The Augmented Reality Maps view of the Tokyo Maps
Now the Augmented Reality Maps editor (ar.sandyeggi.com) can input the annotations from places library. The Augmented Reality view now can overlay the annotations based on the real data of Google Maps. Now the user interface becomes like the following image. The user can input the keyword for the annotation of the right side. The visible spot will be displayed in the yellow box. The next step is copy and save the content of the text into .txt file. Then use the text file as the input of the program. The sample of the annotations are also included in the executable. 

Augmented Reality Maps Editor User Interface
Augmented Reality Maps Editor User Interface

The video of the Augmented Reality Maps view can be seen here in the following Youtube video. 

This is another map sample (Jakarta) with "airport" as the annotations.


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