Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Augmented Reality Google Maps for Tokyo Olympic 2020

Augmented Reality Maps View of Tokyo
Augmented Reality Maps using road network map of Tokyo
Tokyo has been selected for Olympic 2020. It would be fun to use AR maps during Tokyo Olympics 2020. Using also Google Glass as the viewing device as well. We explore one component on Google Maps that can be used as for tracking for Augmented Reality. This time we use a highway road network map as the feature in the map for tracking. As explained in the previous post about styled map and road network, we make the highway road network map using Google Styled maps here.

Road network map template for Augmented Reality Maps
The static map from the wizard 

Road network map styled map wizard
The screenshot of the styled map wizard

Ideally, the map should be printed and then the program track the paper map. Then the program displays the annotation. See the video for the visualization. The annotation text "Tokyo" is overlaid in real time on the display and the view follows the camera view.

The annotation text is overlaid on the screen.

The following snippet is the JSON text for styling the map.

[ { "featureType": "landscape.natural.landcover", "stylers": [ { "color": "#ffffff" } ] },{ "featureType": "poi", "stylers": [ { "visibility": "off" } ] },{ "featureType": "administrative", "stylers": [ { "visibility": "off" } ] },{ "featureType": "road.local", "stylers": [ { "visibility": "off" } ] },{ "featureType": "road.arterial", "stylers": [ { "visibility": "off" } ] },{ "featureType": "water", "stylers": [ { "visibility": "off" } ] },{ "featureType": "transit", "stylers": [ { "visibility": "off" } ] },{ "featureType": "road.highway", "elementType": "labels", "stylers": [ { "color": "#808080" }, { "visibility": "off" } ] },{ "featureType": "road.highway", "stylers": [ { "color": "#000000" }, { "weight": 1.6 } ] } ]

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